New Seasons at Keystone Update During COVID-19

Thank you for your continued interest in The New Seasons at Keystone.  During this unprecedented time, we wanted to give you an update on our project and let you know how we are dealing with the Corona Virus/COVID-19 situation.

First and foremost, the health and safety of our owners, contractors, vendors and sales team are of the utmost importance. We are following all state and local recommendations for social distancing and sanitation procedures. The good news is that we are finishing up units at the River Building so our contractors can work individually in the respective units.  

4 Units Complete in River Building Units

We have successfully closed on four units in The River Building. The interiors of the units that are completed are beautiful! It has been a fun and exciting process to see the owners’ visions come to life.

Here is another visual tour of the interior.

Private Storage Lockers

One of the favorite features of our buyers is the large private storage lockers located in the lower level of the building! These storage lockers are in both the River and Trail Buildings. 

Measuring approximately 7×9 or 6×11 feet, these spaces can hold all your mountain gear! They are locked and temperature controlled.

4 Units Left to Close in River Building in May

The remaining four units in the River Building are scheduled to be completed and closed in May, assuming we can continue to move along at our current pace. The Summit County Building Department has instituted new COVID-19 regulations for the development review and inspection process with which we will most certainly comply. 

These regulations will likely cause undetermined delays both in terms of processing the new paperwork, and with obtaining the necessary additional inspections. 

The Trail Building Construction Progress

The Trail Building is continuing construction progress.  We have completed the underground utilities for gas and electric.  Plumbing, mechanical and electrical rough-ins are in progress. Siding has been installed in recent weeks and our local crews will begin painting soon. 

We do anticipate that there may be some delays with the COVID-19 effects, but at this time, we can’t predict how governmental regulations and industry closures will affect us. 

Our current estimation is August 2020, but there are a number of unknown factors for which we don’t know the length of possible delays. Also, we do anticipate that we will obtain certificates of occupancy for all of the units at the same time. This does mean that the whole building will be completed before any of the units are sold or occupied. We will keep you updated as we progress with the Trail Building.

Ridge Complex Plans and Pricing

The plans for the Ridge Complex are in Summit County Planning. We have recently submitted our final revised submission with the latest version of plans. Once we get approvals, we can begin excavation. We will also be pricing these units and reaching out to our wait list.  At this time we are anticipating a June release of pricing and final plans, along with beginning excavation. This phase will feature two and three bedroom units with attached one car garages.

Overall, we are staying positive and completing as much as we can while remaining in compliance with recommended and mandated guidelines. We are excited to continue to deliver quality condominiums, with the highest level of customization available in the market today.  

Stay Connected

You can stay up to date on our Facebook page.  If at any time you have any questions about our project, you can reach out to Amy Nakos at

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