Construction Update May 2019

We are making amazing progress at The New Seasons at Keystone.
In the River Building, window installation is nearing completion. Internal and external stairways have been constructed and siding is being installed. The roof is completed with shingles! The “lodge like” architecture of the building is really taking shape and the large beams and gables are impressive.
At the River Building, a new landscape plan has been approved which greatly enhances the beauty of the front of the building, while providing easier access to the bike/storage room and unit entries.
With the stairs in the River Building, we can now see the great views of the Snake River, The Ten Mile Range (Peaks 1 and 2), and the Gore Range (Buffalo Mountain). Units on the ground floor will enjoy close proximity to the hiking trail and access to the Snake River.
The Trail Building has a complete foundation and the plumbing and heating system installation in the slab has begun. We anticipate that framing will begin at the end of May.
Since the Trail Building is the same design as the River Building, the framing will be faster and more efficient. After all, our framers have already done it once!
We have made a strategic modification to the finish package at The New Seasons at Keystone, and we think you are really going to like it! We have eliminated the base level of finishes, aka, the standard package, and have upgraded all the finishes to premium. That means that you can be assured that the finishes that come with your new unit will be high quality and beautiful.
Buyers who purchase before finishes have been installed, do have the ability to customize their units.
There are still options for upgrades such as a steam shower, 36″ stove, hot tub on ground floor units, loft in upper floor units, engineered hardwood floors with a glue down application, smart home packages and more.
We look forward to hearing from you!

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