The New Seasons at Keystone Construction Update

The New Seasons at Keystone Construction Update

October 12, 2018

Hello friends of The New Seasons at Keystone!

We had a beautiful summer in Keystone and it was great meeting so many people who stopped by to learn more about our project!  If you are a just learning about us, find out more about our project at our website  

As the leaves turn yellow and some snow starts hitting the ground, we are in full construction mode to prepare foundations for framing in the next couple months.  The concrete footers and lower level walls have been poured in the River Building. The lower level mechanical room with storage lockers is now visible!

We are working with our under contract buyers on finish selection.  This project is allowing a higher level of customization than other new construction projects in the county.  Rest assured, that even if you decide to choose all the standard options, your condo is going to be beautiful!

Below are some photos of the River Building’s concrete walls and footers.

We are also working on excavation for the Trail Building site.  The Trail Building will offer abundant parking and a quiet location in the complex.  Upper units will enjoy east and west views of spectacular mountain vistas.

Below are some photos of the excavation work at the Trail Building!

We anticipate delivery of the River Building units Summer of 2019 and the Trail Building Units Fall/Winter of 2019.

If we can answer any questions, please reach out!



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