The Ridge Complex Update

We know that many of you have been asking to learn more about our next phase, The Ridge Complex. These 12 units were designed from the ground up taking into careful consideration the location overlooking the Snake River and Keystone Lake, the need for garages, the desire for larger outdoor spaces, and the requests to expand the size of our existing units.

We are very proud of The Ridge Complex and look forward to  sharing it with you as soon as we can. 

Because of a few substantial changes in the landscape of building code requirements and regulations, material costs, and COVID-19 delays, we have made the decision to release information on the Ridge Complex after we have resolved some or all of these issues.

We do understand that we told many interested buyers that we would provide  information and contract opportunities as early as July 2020.

However, with these unexpected variables in play, we want to ensure that we can deliver the high quality and customized product you have come to expect, without changes or delays.

At this time, we are anticipating that we will have information to release to the public in December 2020. Please stay up to date with us on our Facebook Page and this website.

We are thrilled to be 100% sold out on our first two phases, The River Building and The Trail Building. The River Building is fully occupied, and the Trail Building units will be sold and occupied Q4-2020 and Q1-2021. You can see the photos of the completed units and the varying styles chosen and enjoyed by our owners.

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  1. Ping Hou says:

    I am interested in the new phase


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